This week, the Impromy weight loss program was officially launched. Developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, it builds on and extends the research behind the influential Total Wellbeing Diet, the most influential diet in Australian history. CSIRO Research Program Director, Manny Noakes, says the program stands to play an important role in targeting Australia’s escalating obesity challenge.

“63% of Australians are currently overweight or obese, with projections estimating that number will increase to 70% in the next decade.

“For many Australians weight loss is a difficult and challenging aspiration, and we have developed a simple program based on scientific research to help Australians lose weight, get healthier and keep the weight off, said Prof. Noakes.

There’s no one way to get healthy. Research shows that consumers want easy-to-use, personalised options that get both fast and sustained results.

Australians are health conscious and time poor. We are doing less organised sport and have changing eating habits. Impromy has been developed to be nutritionally balanced, easy to use and fit with the lifestyles of contemporary Australians, said Sean Fallon, pharmacist and industry expert.

77% of surveyed Australian weight loss customers have used a meal replacement in the last two years and CSIRO research found that the use of meal replacements as part of a consultative program substantially boost the likelihood that participants will stay committed and achieve weight loss goals.

Our six month trial resulted in 70% of participants staying with Impromy for the entire 8 week duration. More than half stayed on the program for a further 16 weeks, said Sean Fallon.

Impromy combines nutritious meals, meal replacements and snacks with personal consultations and a smartphone app to track progress. The program is available from more than 210 pharmacies across Australia, whose employees have been trained to provide supported consultations and take health measurements such as weight, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Common risk factors of lifestyle diseases associated with being overweight include high blood pressure, cholesterol and high glucose levels, all of which can be improved with weight loss.

As the number of Australians either overweight or obese continues to rise, Impromy stands to play an important role in targeting Australia’s escalating obesity challenge.

Impromy is manufactured in Australia by Australian biotechnology company Probiotec Limited, in collaboration with the CSIRO.

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