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The History of the David Craig brand dates back to 1942 when David Craig, a pharmacist by profession, first addressed the needs of community pharmacists by introducing extemporaneous preparations (Galenicals) and other traditional over-the-counter (OTC) medicines of true efficacy. Today, this trusted name continues to meet the modern demand for high quality by pharmacy professionals and consumers alike - offering a wide range of pharmacopoeia formulations (BP, USP & APF) and a wide range of TGA approved products manufactured at a GMP plant.

The David Craig range includes:

  • Dermatological bases (anionic, non-ionic etc) for pharmacy and consumer skin care products
  • Active raw materials, excipients and solvents for extemporaneous formulations
  • Traditional 'ready-to-use' OTC medicines

About compounding in Australia 

Compounding is the art of creating personalised medications which suit the varying needs individuals. This involves the mixture of raw materials or excipients to create a compound, or custom medicinal product.

Individuals may have a need for peronalised medications due to certain allergies, the need for stronger or weaker dosage compared to readily available medications, palatibility issues or due to product out of stocks or unavailability.

Pharmacy compounding is a growing area of professional practice in Australia, and is important in meeting the specific needs of patients. The David Craig Galenicals range has been trusted for supplying quality excipients and raw materials to community pharmacists for generations.